Beautiful Blogger Award

First of all I would like to say I am very sorry for my long unexpected hiatus from my blog over the past two-ish months. The reason for this will be my first random fact about myself listed below, so keep reading folks ;), but I am very appreciative for those of you who have stuck around and to those of you who are joining me now for my return to the blogging world. 

Paper Towns Trailer Reaction

For those of you who are YA fans and John Green fans i'm sure you already know that Paper Towns has been made into a film to be released July 24th 2015, and this past week we got our first look at the feature length film as the trailer was released.

Book Haul #1 - Charity Shop Edition

Its time for my first book haul, yayyyy!

I took a trip into town a few days ago after uni to have a look for some new books since I had a long journey ahead of me, so what better company than a book, right? Now, seeing as I am a student, I dont have a lot of disposable income so I don't get to buy books as often as I would like to. During a late night twitter stalk (we all do them) I saw someone mention how they picked up a few books at goodwill, so i thought id try out the charity shops here. I can safely say they did not disappoint. All the books i picked up were on my amazon wish list, and in total cost be £7. These weren't all from the same charity shop, and ranged from 50p to £1.50. I was extremely excited to have these books in my ownership and also happy that my money, as little as it is, is going to some good organisations to help people and animals who really need it.

Book To TV Adaptation - The Casual Vacancy

I recently read The Casual Vacancy by J.K Rowling, including in my February wrap up here, just as it was showing on TV. I finished the book first as I didn't want to spoilt anything by watching the TV adaptation. Whilst watching the BBC adaptation of it, I found myself comparing it a lot to the book.

First of all, I was pleasantly surprised to see Michael Gambon starting as Howard Mollison, one of the council members who wants Pagford to cut all ties with The Fields. It was so nice to see Michael in another J.K Rowling adaptation, although I did find it shocking at first when Dumbledore was cursing at young children outside his butchers.

Wishlist #1 - Celebrating Women

International Women's Day has been celebrated worldwide since the early 1900's, and this past week on the 8th March, we once again came together to inspire and celebrate women's achievements, and to fight for equality in a male dominated world.

In the literacy world many female authors are having to hide their gender in order to make their books more marketable. J.K Rowling choose to use her initials, instead of printing Joanne, when releasing Harry Potter, and even changed gender when using a pseudonym, going by Robert Galbraith to release The Cuckoos Calling. 

In March 2013, shockingly, only 8.7% of books reviewed in the London Review of Books were by Female Authors. I feel its safe to say that the book industry, just like many others, is still very male dominated.

The Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction is awarded every year to celebrate excellence, originality, and accessibility in women's writing from throughout the world, and on the 9th of March this years long list of 20 female written books was announced. Click here to see which books have made the long list.

World Book Day 2015

Its that time of year again, today we celebrate World Book Day 2015.

February Wrap Up

Hello and welcome to my first blog post. 

Seeing as February has just ended, I thought it was appropriate to do a little wrap up and show you all the books i've read during the last month. I haven't read many books as its difficult finding the time with being a final year uni student and that. I had to fit my recreational reading around my required reading for my course, essay writing, and exams. 

Ok, lets jump into it.