World Book Day 2015

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Its that time of year again, today we celebrate World Book Day 2015.

I have many fond memories of World Book Day from when i was younger and in school. One tradition my school partook in was to dress up as our favourite book characters. My costumes ranged from a disney princess when i was about 5/6 through to harry potter characters when my obsession with the magical world began. I would plan my costume for weeks before hand, mainly getting excited to wear fancy dress and not a boring school uniform, and on World Book Day every year, myself and my friends would spend all of assembly educating each other on our favourite books and characters.

Another aspect of World Book Day that excited me was the £1 book voucher we received in school. Each year a selection of books are reduced to just £1 (if you have this voucher), and so every year i'd get my mum to take to to Easons (book store) and pick one out. This year is no exception and the selection of £1 books can be found here on the World Book Day website. The books ranges from aged 2+ to YA, so its great to get kids interested in reading.

Now this year I'm no longer in school, and therefore don't get to take part in these traditions anymore. Instead im taking a relaxing day with numerous cups of tea to just sit back and read. Im currently reading Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (can be bought here), so you may be treated to a review of that soon. But for now, I'm off to make that first cup of tea.

How are you spending World Book Day 2015? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I never really celebrated world book day before, but it is my kind of day! I've spent it reading my current read and adding more books to my reading list!