Paper Towns Trailer Reaction

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For those of you who are YA fans and John Green fans i'm sure you already know that Paper Towns has been made into a film to be released July 24th 2015, and this past week we got our first look at the feature length film as the trailer was released.

To start off, if you have not read the book or know nothing about Paper Towns, this story follows Quentin in his final year of school as he, in a way, reconnects with his childhood friend and next door neighbour Margo. Margo and Quentin couldn't be any different as Margo is independent, confident, popular, and loves mysteries. Quentin on the other hand is studious, does what he is told, enclosed in his shell. Margo helps Quentin to live one night, and as Quentin thinks things just might change for him, Margo goes missing. Quentin and his friends follow clues to try and find Margo before its too late.
If you have not yet read the book I would highly recommend it. In fact, out of the John Green books I have read Paper Towns is my favourite. Click here to buy a copy of the book.

The Role of Margo is portrayed by Cara Delevingne, and despite by initial reservations, after seeing the trailer I am more than happy with this casting. Margo has been described as slightly chubby and not your average beauty, and just by looking at Cara we can see she is neither of these things. However from the trailer, Cara's beauty beauty appears to have been toned down, and in my opinion this helps to match book Margo to film Margo.

The few scenes shown in the trailer to me were stand out scenes in the book and, although only short snippets were shown, they appeared to follow the story told by John very closely. Also, the fact that they are some of the scenes I think of when I think of Paper Towns, the trailer has done nothing but made me more excited for the release of the film.

Check out the official trailer below for Paper Towns

What were your thoughts upon watching the trailer for the first time? Let me know in the comments below.
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